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Today’s teenagers are faced with many more stressors than we can sometimes imagine. Beyond being a great way to exercise and increase flexibility, this yoga class allows students to learn to center themselves, attaining a sense of calm that so often evades teens. After the actual yoga class, students will do other centering activities and may discuss their stressors and ways to deal with them.

We meet on the second Friday of each month at 6:30-8:30 pm in the yoga classroom. Students will learn the basics of hatha yoga during the first 75 minutes of the class. This learning will be extended through the remaining 45 minutes with discussion. Discussions will be determined by the participants but may include references to the Yoga Sutras of Putanjali or other philosophies and may include work on mindfulness activities and free discussions. Small snacks will be provided; students should bring their own water bottles.


Yoga Chatroom

PARENTS will be required to provide a signed permission and medical form for their child BEFORE a student may participate in this class. Click the health form and permission slip buttons below.

The class is taught by Dr. Carl Swanson. Carl is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) and a Certified Children's Yoga Teacher. Carl spent his primary career as a full-time public school teacher and a part-time university professor. Questions can be directed to Carl at or by cell at 508-287-8084.