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Readings with Psychic Medium Deborah Hand


Deborah has been a Psychic-Medium since she was 5 years old. She has had the most remarkable journey working with police agencies such as the FBI, DEA, Americas Most Wanted, Police Agencies along with private individuals all over the world. She inherited this remarkable gift from her great grandmother, a Spiritual Psychic healer. She has saved countless lives through her visions and intuitive predictions.

Being a MEDIUM, she has the ability to speak to our loved ones that have crossed over. Maybe you would like to speak to your loved ones that have passed away. You might get to hear them communicate to say something that they didn't get to say while here on earth. Or maybe you might want to know more about your future? Children or Grandchildren? Or your finances, health, Job, or are you with the right person? Are you having bad dreams? Let her help you figure out what those dreams mean.

She has been tested by a para-psychology institute and she is called a “Star Child” whose purpose in life is to prevent things from happening to people which isn't suppose to happen. So she is here to change your destiny.

Deborah has felt that GOD has a big part in her gift. If God sent you here then she is supposed to help you through something.

So enjoy this mystical and magical part of the Intuitive world and know that it will change your life as it has changed hers.

During your session she will be telling you things and possibly be picking up on your loved ones that have passed away.

Make sure you bring PICTURES of the people you would like Deborah to talk about and also the pictures of people that have passed.

Call the studio for scheduled appointment

Cost $50.00 per half hr session (cash only)

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