You, Yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection . . . Buddha


Body Treatments  

$100 / 60 min    $115 / 90 min

30 minute Organic Sugar or Salt Scrub followed by a 30 or 60 minute Soothing Massage. Aromas of your choice.

Seasonal Body Treatments. . . Himalayan Rock Salts, Essential Oils, and Spices

Body Wraps

$75 / 60 min Herbal Wrap

$75 / 60 min Citrus Wrap

$75 / 60 min Detox Wrap

Your wrap of choice, covered with warm blankets for 60 minutes opening pores, targeting toxins and fat cells.
All wraps are hand made ensuring quality and eliminating preservatives entering your system

Aloe Vera Gel Wrap

$60 / 45 min

Aloe Vera Gel combined with cold stones to soothe summer skin.


$5 off any Body Treatment that is Prebooked after first appointment


 Hot Stones    $15
Paraffin Treatment for hands or feet    $15
Moisture Masque and Heated Mitts for feet or hands   $15
Guided Meditation    $15
Mini 15 min Reiki Treatment    $20
Detoxifying Herbal Foot Soak after any Treatment    $20
Detoxifying Herbal Foot Soak and Foot Massage after any Treatment     $35